The B&Bai??i??s philosophy holds the characteristics for a sustainable tourism, generating income for local citizens and promoting the interchange between people of different countries and cultures.
However, the concept of sustainable tourism is more wide and can be meant as something the satisfies fully the present needs, without compromising the resources destinated to the future generations.

From this point of view, a different awareness is needed, both from travelers and local inhabitants.

Basic rules for Sustainable Tourism common practices.

    • Choose those services tourist structures which exploit local population and a good behavior for what concerns local sustainability.
    • Get informed about history, nature and culture of the community you visit. It will helps you to know better uses and costumes of Sicily, encouraging the cultural expect of your trip.
    • Respect local costumes.
    • Try to have an interchange with the dwellers, listen to their stories, exchange experiences.
    • Try to get familiar to regulations of tourist areas you visit
    • Consume and buy products from local communities handicraft.
    • Respect historical objects and natural beauties. Take some photos and bring them with you as a memory.
    • Save water and energy. Itai??i??s a good for the environment and community you visit.
    • If someone has a bad behavior that makes worse the environment around, warn him.