Breakfast at Bellini Home

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and it is very important to do so in a healthy way“, Ai??for this reason we are prepared to prepare a generous breakfast and only with good and genuine ingredients.

We serve breakfast every morning in our breakfast room or in summer on the terrace (for those who prefer it) from 7:30 to 9:30.

Our dishes prepared in the morning

Our drinks

Espresso Coffee, Long Coffee, Stained Coffee, American Coffee, CaffA?latte, Nescafe, Barley Coffee, Cappuccino, Barley Cappuccino, Hot / Cold Milk, White Milk with Foam, Milk Chocolate nesquik, Green Tea, English Tea, Tea Bergamot black, cold tea, lemon tea, orange juice.

The buffet

Various homemade cakes in the morning, sweet croissant, sweet croissant stuffed with jam, sweet croissant
Stuffed with good honey, croissants salted with empty cereals, simple toast, toast with butter and jam, toasted bread with ham and cheese, selection of cookies and various cereals, natural yogurt, cereal yoghurt, fruit macedonia Fresh, various sliced like ham and cheeses, eggs, fresh fruit.

Our menu includes a wide choice of drinks and snacks, and on request you can have a good gluten free breakfast.