This short handbook has been conceived to give you some indications about your rights and duties as a Bellini Home B&Bai??i??s guess and about sustainable tourism common practices.

A B&B must host you comfortably, making you feel like home. Be aware about your rights and about the advantages of a B&B ospitality.

Clear information. Your first right is to know exactly where you are staying. Through our website, we provide you early the main infos and structure features, in order to simplify your choice. But If you have any doubt, contact us.
We start from the premise that all the rooms are easily accessible and that the staff will follow the hospitality criteria integrally.
The most important thing for us is that the guess has to be informed, about all the items, as for example about smoke restrictions, animals and etc. .
Kind and nice staff You deserve to be treated politely from all the people living in the place you are housed.
B&B staff was waiting for you and it is interested in exchanging experiences and ideas with you. Further, the personnel will hear with pleasure your questions, you can ask about all the information you need.
So you can contact the staff for any doubt about reservation, payment and costs.

Clean and comfortable rooms. When you arrive, the room must be tidy, clean and comfortable. Your room must have the features that have persuaded you to pick it. Installations and/or facilities must be in perfect operation. If expected, hold with the staff about room and toilette washing. Bedclothes and towels must be clean at all, and you have the for changing them every 3/4 days, or when needed. If you have special requests, talk with the Direction: the possible will be done to satisfy you.

Breakfast. Breakfast is composed by: bread, butter and jam, fruit juice and/or season fruits, milk, coffee and/or tea and water.

Keys copy. You have the right to enter/exit the house whenever you want. The personnel will give you a copy of the B&B keys or will be available to open you the door. Agree with the staff about it and just donai??i??t be too noisy when you go back late. When you are hosted in the structure, you also have the right to get the keys of your room or, at least, of a closet where you can put your own things.

Suggests and informations. A great advantage if booking of our B&B, is that you can get information about the city directly from the local inhabitants. Just as you were at your friendsai??i?? home. Donai??i??t lose this opportunity! In this way, you will be able to know uses and costumes of the city you are visiting and get in the local rhythm without intermediations.

Support. The staff will be glad to clarify all your doubts and to help you if you need.

In order to have a good cohabitation with the homeowner, that leaves good memories to everyone, itai??i??s necessary that you will respect some base rules, too.
Talk about it with the staff and always remember that, if you have any doubt, you can contact our Direction.

Keep in order room and toilette. Also in the case of daily cleaning, try to keep room and toilette in order, just as they were yours. Turn always off the light and the electronic devices after you use them. Try to save energy, mind that you are hosted in a family.
Close doors and windows. When you go out, remember to close doors and windows, both for safety reasons and to avoid that in case of rain and unexpected severe weather, water and else can damage personal and house objects.
Inform if you lose or damage objects. Mind that you are responsible for the objects in your rooms and toilette. Itai??i??s not a drama if you lose or damage something, just talk immediately with the staff, you will find a solution together.

Respect the place quiet. You are free to get in and get out whenever you want, come to an agreement with the staff about key use. Respect personnel and neighbors quiet and silence, principally from 22.00 to 07.00.

Donai??i??t bring foreign people in the structure. Itai??i??s not allowed to bring in the structure people not expected from the booking. If you want to invite any acquaintance of yours, talk first with Staff and Direction.

Respect home rules. Respect the rules of the structure, communicated from the Personnel when you arrived, as for example breakfast time.
Inform always about changes. Generally, the cleaning room service starts at 10 oai??i??clock and finishes at 12 oai??i??clock. Inform the Personnel if you need to change this time. If you want to stay for more nights than you booked for, communicate to our Direction.

Donai??i??t use home telephone. Generally, it is not forecasted the use of home phone, but if you need it, talk with the Personnel.

Speak widely to the Personnel. If you are not satisfied about something, speak to the Personnel. Itai??i??s always better giving it the occasion to repair a possible lack. If the problem persists after our Staff intervention, contact the Direction: we will solve the problem as soon as possible.

Mind to return the keys. Before you leave, mind to return the keys. Control that you havenai??i??t forgotten anything in the room. However, if you forgot something, the Personnel must keep it for you for minimum 30 days.
Your opinion is very important for us to give you an always improving hospitality. Your praises will be received with satisfaction and your criticisms will be taken into account in order to improve our service.